Friday, August 5, 2022

My Favorite Pins~Pinterest Friday

I thought I would do something a little fun! I wanted to share some of my favorite things I have pinned this week on Pinterest and things I would like to try! I have some specific searches when I head to Pinterest. I do not really just get on to scroll. I usually go there with something I need or would like to get an idea or inspiration. 

This week I have been looking fot Fall Modest outfits to get some inspiration. I do a very basic minimal seasonal wardrobe. I am not really a capsule wardrobe but I am very mindful and only have key core pieces I use and add to. 

I really love this top and skirt outfit. I have a similar skirt that is one of my core pieces. So, if I could find a top like this it would become a core fall/winter piece. You could wear this top with dressy skirts and casual. 

Check it out here.

                                                            Pinterest Source Click above

I have also been looking for inspiration to transition from my Fourth of July (Patriotic) decor to August decor. Those in between months can be kind of tricky if your someone who decorates seasonally. 

I am tired of the summer and patriotic look by August, but I SIMPLY cannot do pumpkins yet. :) 

This has some pretty ideas. I have a lot of blues in my home. 

Check out this pin that I saved or visit the site direct HERE.

I have been dealing with hip issues for a long time and sciatica as well. I have a board for this!!! There is a ton of awesome stretches and exercises that help with it. Go visit my board from some great!

Oh.....I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I like to start saving ideas for gifts as the Fall and Holiday season starts getting closer. I am for sure going to do this!!!! I have so many ideas for the butter or spreads!

Check the info out HERE.

As I wrap this up....I love this idea. I was looking up ideas on prepping and emergency planning and this is a great idea!!!

Go check out this awesome post with great tips on this....HERE.

DO YOU LIKE PINTEREST???? What was something you recently PINNED if so??? Share with me!!!

Embrace each season,

Chrissy T
*Hugs and Love*

Thursday, August 4, 2022

~Thursday~ RAIN & Fall Candles~

 Good day my friends! I have been busier than normal the last few days. I can't believe our daughter is about to head to Brazil next Friday. BRAZIL at 17! I am beginning to get a tad nervous. :) The Lord opened the door for her to go so I know she will be okay. I am more nervous about her getting to her flights and dealing with airport hassle. 

Today was spent running errands. We have a church conference next week and she heads out at the end of the conference, so we have to take care of a lot beforehand. We got small toys for her to pass out to the children such as little cars, little ponies, jump ropes, and some art things. We had to make all kinds of copies of her passport and other documents. It is crunch time, those last minute things.

It has FINALLY RAINED praise the LORD! Our grass and flowers were enjoying every bit of it, I tell you! I took a pic of it from my front door!

I took advantage of a Bath & Body Works sale on their large three wick candles a few weeks ago. I stocked up on my fall scents; I didn't want to buy summer.  I couldn't help light one up and let it burn for a few minutes. My husband thought it was funny and said that I was making the temperature cooler. We both know that wasn't true as we laughed. Hahaha!!! :) 

The candle really did smell good but I only let it burn about 5 minutes. I just wanted to see what it smelled like. For some reason as much as I am getting ready for the heat to go away I am not really ready for summer to end. 

HAVE YOU GOT ANY FALL CANDLES OR THINGS OUT??? I usually decorate after Labor Day or September 15th. What about you??

Loves and hugs!

 Embrace each season, 

Chrissy T

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Tomato Sandwiches & a Luau....OH MY!

It is AUGUST! It is unbelievable to me how fast time has went this summer. My weekend went fast as well!!! 

Friday, we stayed in and had fresh tomato sandwiches for dinner. Are you even southern if you have never tried one??? Hahaha! Nothing like it on a hot day.  I watched a few British Mystery shows I like and my husband piddled around. Hannah worked and Kyle was still visiting his nana in Arkansas. 

Saturday started off lovely. I had a delish cup of coffee and some nice Bible and reading time. 

 This past Sunday evening we had a Ladies luau with the church ladies. I have a lady that now helps organize Ladies fellowships here and there. This has been a huge help to me as a Pastor's Wife. The crowd was low because we had a few out sick and traveling but we still had a lovely time. The hostess was so amazing. She has such a relaxing and cozy home. There was so much good food. We did some ice breaker games and the host spoke to us on Joy. It was such a fun time out. 

The lovely host! She has become such a wonderful sister in Christ and mentor to me!!!

I kicked off Monday traveling to get Kyle. It is a 6 hour round trip! Not too bad but I was glad to be home! Today (Tuesday) we kicked off with our dental cleanings. :( I do not like them. I have very sensitive teeth so it really is not fun for me. But it has to be done. :) 

I am not feeling 100 percent today. The kids headed out to spend some time with friends as most everyone starts school later this week or next week so they are wrapping up the summer fun. I decided to catch up on some blogs and do this post. I think I will rest for a bit once I post this. 

I have chicken thighs thawing to make for dinner. It will be a simple dinner for sure!! :) I hope you all have a great day!

What is your dinner plans??

Embrace each season,

Chrissy T

Friday, July 29, 2022

Friday~ Lunch Outing & Tackling LOTS

Happy Friday!!! I am so glad to have you pop in and visit my little blog. I already question if what I have been sharing is of interest to anyone so I am very thankful for those that have already visited me and commented and gave me a shout out on their own blog. Thank you!!! 

School is about to start for us (we homeschool) in a little under three weeks. My husband thinks I need to hold off and wait until Hannah returns (our senior) from Brazil from her missions trip. I have plans to start Kyle (9th grader) on the 15th and then she will start on the 29th. I am still debating because he has a full year and she has worked hard to make her Senior light so she can afford the delay. I may not start all subjects with him at once. I am still in prayer about it and trying to decide the best plan. I am preparing as if I am starting August 15th though at this time. 

I try to get out and have any lunch dates, coffee dates, or major appointments I need to have before school starts. It can get a little harder for me to visit with friends or invest in ladies at the church when I am schooling. Even though my kids are older I still have to be available for them because of some learning issues they deal with. 

My friend (Tammy) and I went and enjoyed a nice lunch at a local area outdoor mall. They have fresh delish Chinese food that is affordable. We then went used some coupons for Bath & Body Works and I got some free body spray that smells amazing called Poppy. IT WAS HOT though walking to the stores. 

I have a lot of things I need to do and so my brain feels a little all over. When this happens I need to make a master to do (brain dump) and then I try to tackle a little every day. I have school planning, housework, preparing Hannah for her trip, church things, and errands. 

How do you handle a lot of projects, to do's, and demands? What are some your favorite tips on how you organize and tackle a big lists? I would love to hear!!! 

Blessings in EVERY SEASON,

Chrissy T

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Planning and Stopping to Enjoy the Flowers

Today was busy! Church records, Dr Appointment for Hannah, light housework, trip to store, and school planning. I braved the heat and went out to admire some of our flowers today just to take a little breather! We all need to do that. 

Our local nature center sales transplants that look all dead and hopeless in the Spring. You can buy native flowering plants, shrubs and bushes for a fraction of the cost. A friend and I jumped on that deal and we got some swamp sunflowers, sage, and some other things as well. The swamp sunflower plant is over 6 ft tall. It is really a beautiful piece of work. Here is one of the blooms...

It is so beautiful!!!! It has a ton of blooms on this plant. I am trying to remember what this plant below is called I have written it down somewhere but I will show it anyway. I love how these all were little dead looking small things that have turned into beautiful plants full of life. It has purple little blooms.

The lantana is doing good. It usually does the best for heat in my area. I love lantana! 

I have been super busy today. I am working on going through school curriculum and lesson planning. It can be super time consuming. I am thankful to get started because I am actually a little later planning than I wanted. 

I hope you all have a lovely evening!!! We have church and then we are going to take my daughter to eat. I was planning to cook but my husband wanted to take her so that is what we are doing. :) 

I would love to hear what are some of your favorite flowers?  I love Hydrangea!! I love them all to be honest!!!


Chrissy T

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Summer Cozy Tuesday

 The word Cozy never really sticks out to me in the summer especially in 100 degree weather. I always think of Fall or Winter as COZY! 

                                                Bread Baking in January speaks COZY to me.

Like the name of my blog, you really just have to embrace each season. I am spending more time indoors this month. I actually love the summer. I love the pool! I love sunscreen and coconut smells, I love getting new pool towels, making fresh lemonade, pool bags, and all things summer. 

FOR LIKE A MONTH or TWO! Then I am ready for cool weather. HAHA! Summer in Mississippi is like the armpit of the devil. I am not joking. It is terribly wet humid thick hot sticky heat. May and June feels like a nice summer here and then JULY and AUGUST come and you want to hole up and never come out.  Even the pool water is hot and it is no longer enjoyable. 

We have to make the most of every season even the hot sticky ones. I am currently hearing some sweet birds chirping out my window. One of my favorite sounds. I love hearing birds. Do you??

I am making this a SUMMER COZY DAY! Kicked off with coffee in bed and Bible reading as well as reading my current spiritual growth book. I just finished 2 Peter today. 

Last night, I kicked this off with a wonderful jacuzzi bath and lit a special candle a friend gave me.  I  used this AMAZING new shower gel from Bath and Body! It smells PERFECT! It is called Cozy Evening. Then curled up to watch the first movie of Downton Abbey. 

There are a ton of things I need to and should be doing, but I am just honestly super tired feeling and so I know it's best to listen to that and embrace it and try to do a few small things and rest if I needed.

What is your favorite way to get cozy??? A good book, candle, special treat, a movie, or a nice dinner??

Have a wonderful day, friends!!!

Chrissy T

Monday, July 25, 2022

Happy Homemaker's Monday ~ July 25, 2022


Happy Monday! I am so excited to be doing my first Happy Homemaker's Monday!!!! This is hosted by Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. Check out her wonderful & beautiful blog and others that link up!!

**The Weather**

HOT! That is all I can say!!! I am in DEEP SOUTH. That sums it up!!! 

Monday- Sunny- High 94*

Tuesday- Sunny- High 94*

Wednesday- Sunny-High 95*

Thursday- Sunny- High 95*

Friday- 50% rain- High 92*

Saturday- 60% rain-High 90*

**As I look out my window.....

The sun is brightly shining on the forest in our backyard. It is letting us know it will be another hot one!

**Right now I am....

Trying to get my bearings. I woke up too many times last night and so it threw me off my morning routine.  I am trying to get myself going. 

**Thinking and Pondering....

To be honest I had a lot of things I wanted to accomplish today and it is much later than anticipated when I woke up due to my lack of sleep. I am trying to decide the flow of the day. I am also pondering and thinking on implementing better eating because I haven't been doing the best with that and I am feeling it. 

**How am I feeling....

I just feel blessed and peaceful. I have this amazing source (Jesus) and He calms all my fears and worries. 

**On the Breakfast plate....

Coffee!! Normally, I eat a good breakfast but due to my late wake up time I decided to skip.

**On the Lunch plate.....

More than likely if I eat it will be a delish sandwich. It is so hot here and I like light cool food this time of year.

**On the dinner plate....

I am going to be having dinner out with a dear friend. She has been down with Covid and she is now feeling much better and so we will have some catch up time and let her get out of the house. My husband is traveling and my kids are all doing other things so it is a great time to have dinner with a friend. 

**What I am wearing....

Jammies but about to get dressed for the day. A loose white cool shirt and skirt is on the plan

** What I am reading....

*The Well-Watered Woman by Grechen Saffles (I am halfway finished)

*A Life of Prayer

*I am studying and slowly digesting 2 Peter in the Bible

**What I am watching....

*Shark Week is on my plan this week. 

*Downtown Abbey Movies (2019 & 2022) 

My Favorite Youtube homemaking vlogs (Davee Kilian, Old World Home, This Bashful Life, and In the Kitchen with Mel)

**On the Menu...

Our menu will look very different this week (common in summer) my husband flew out for work at 4 AM this morning and my youngest son is at nana's for a visit. 

Monday- Dinner out with my dear friend Tammy

Tuesday- Toasted Sandwiches and fruit bc it will be just my daughter and I

Wednesday- Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad with rolls

Thursday- Poppyseed Chicken Casserole, Green Beans, Rolls

Friday- Date Night

Saturday- Leftovers/frozen pizza (My husband is never home on Saturday evenings and doesn't eat dinner because he prepares for his sermon at this time. The kids and I just help ourselves typically. Plus, my kids all work and usually eat on their own time. 


**Looking around the house....

I see work I need to do, but if I really look I see beauty of the bible sitting on the coffee table that my husband always forgets to put up but it reminds me how thankful I am He reads. 

**To do list the week....

*Do a nice thorough clean of each room

*Work on homeschool planning

*Clean my car in and out

*Do bills and checkbook

*Do church deposit (I am a pastor's wife and do the bookkeeping)

*Make a master list of things I need to do before homeschool begins

*Work on photo plans. I have ordered prints for 2021-until now and deciding if I want to do albums or scrapbooks

*Check Hannah's list for missions and order anything needed for Brazil

**From the Camera....

Our Rose bush is hanging in there. This heat hasn't been the best for this bush for some reason this year. I just love how intricate and beautiful roses are.


"The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much."

~James 5:16

Keep praying!!!

Thank you for popping by my little spot in blogland. 

Remember we go from season to season and Jesus holds our hand in each one. 


Chrissy T

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